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Broken Wings Missions Inc. is a registered Canadian non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide relief from the hardships experienced by impoverished children in Haiti through the provision of housing, food, education and health care.

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Wings of Hope

Located in in Fermathe, Haiti, Wings of Hope offers a caring family home to children with physical and/or developmental challenges. 

In Haiti, children with challenges such as these may be simply "discarded", as locals often  believe the challenges to be manifestations of evil spirits - or find the children too difficult to care for.  Wings of Hope sprung into being from the generosity of the original St. Joseph's boys.  During a violent phase in Haiti's recent history, the women who ran the home for disabled children feared for their own safety and decided to return to their home country.  They searched for someone to take over their home, but when no one would, they canvassed all the homes for children in the area, asking if they would each take one child.  The only home to respond was St. Joseph's.  When they visited the home, the boys accompanying Michael decided that they should not only care for one child, they should take over the entire home and care for them all.  Wings of Hope was born.

Wings of Hope supports 45+ children, teaching them the meaning of "family" and offering life skills, while embracing opportunities that are not commonly available to most Haitian children - all in a Christian setting.

Trinity House

Trinity House, home to approximately 16 children, was established when the young men of St. Joseph's reached outside of their community to the community of Jacmel.

The Christian-based family home provides a similar structure to St. Joseph's Home for Boys (why change what works?) under the leadership of Melchi, a man who grew up in the St. Joseph's Home.

Trinity House operates a coffee roasting business -- St. Joe's Java, as a means of supplementing donations and teaching self-sufficiency.  One of the home's young men ventures into the Haitian hills every year to purchase coffee beans at fair trade prices.  They then roast the beans which are used to make coffee for the guests at St. Joesph's Guest Home, with some being sold to visitors.

In an effort to employ children when they graduate from the homes, a long standing dream to create a bakery at Trinity House, has finally become a reality.  Recipes are on the blackboard and the buns are in the oven!

   ● St. Joe's Java

   ● Nouvo Vi Bakery


Lekol Sen Trinite

Setup to serve the poorest of the poor in the Jacmel community, Lekol Sen Trinite offers a basic education in a school setting and a daily meal to children living outside of Trinity House.  Starting out as a little daycare in the Trinity House dining room, the program successfully moved to the second floor of Trinity House in 2008, with 75 students enrolled by the fall of 2009.


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St. Joseph's Home for Boys

On January 31, 1985, Michael Geilenfeld, a former Brother with Mother Theresa's Brothers of Charity, with $1,000 in hand, rented a small four-room house and offered a home and a Christian family lifestyle to five boys that were then living in the streets of Haiti.  This was the beginning of St. Joseph's Family of Homes

St. Joseph's is a Christian-based home for 35+ boys, generally under the age of 20 who have been welcomed in from the streets of Port-au-Prince and often out of the life of being a Restavik (slave) child.  The home's structure focuses on the value of family, education and the importance of independently caring for oneself while at the same time searching out opportunities to serve others.

To foster the boys' sense of well being and accomplishment, while developing self-esteem, and providing a method of expression, Michael reached out and embraced the arts, eventually establishing the world-renown Resurrection Dance Theatre of Haiti.

Seeking to be more independent, to not have to survive on donations alone, Michael went on to establish the St. Joseph's Guest Home, opening St. Joseph's to travelers and guests for  reasonable prices - again teaching the children about the world and caring for others. 

   ● St. Joseph's Guest Home

   ● Resurrection Dance Theatre


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