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Broken Wings Missions Inc. is a registered Canadian non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide relief from the hardships experienced by impoverished children in Haiti through the provision of housing, food, education and health care.

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Continuing to Rise Out of the Rubble

St. Joseph's Home for Boys

The 2010 earthquake that shook Haiti had a profound effect on the St. Joseph Family.  While no children of the St. Joseph's Family of Homes perished in the earthquake, St. Joseph's Home for Boys and the Guest House that was a well-established, reputable 'rest stop for travelers', was damaged beyond repair and had to be demolished.  A year after the earthquake, demolition efforts were complete.  Re-construction of the new St. Joseph's facilities were miraculously completed in two years - a feat almost unheard of in Haiti due to the lack of heavy machinery and the total reliance on manual labor.



Wings of Hope also sustained considerable damage in the 2010 earthquake.  The residents were required to relocate their home to another location as a matter of safety.  Luckily this was accomplished quickly, with them moving into a beautiful, more modern rental facility within a month of the quake.  Demolition was an ongoing process and has been completed in the years since the 'quake.

While the beautiful, more modern rental facility has "done the job" in the interim, it has been a difficult path nonetheless.  Multiple levels and stories of stairs does not lend well to an environment of accessibility-issues and wheelchairs.  While there is an urgency to 'get started', construction delays that have stalled the much anticipated Wings of Hope ground breaking for more than a year have afforded time for a re-evaluation of the project and an estimated savings of more than $6 million.  The initial plan to construct facilities on the original site, an extremely sloped property, was going to require extensive construction to develop terraced accommodations and the very necessary wheelchair ramps -- and was estimated to cost $7 million to do it.  With the delays, the architect and planners have had time to re-imagine the project, opting instead to relocate Wings of Hope next door to Trinity House (in the town of Jacmel) for a fraction of the original cost.

The architect has returned to the drawing board (pun intended) and has developed plans for a one-level facility that meets everyone's needs with a less daunting price tag attached.  The costs, estimated at $1 million, continue to be a challenge.  Sponsorship and donations are gratefully being accepted.  

Read more in the Wings of Hope Project Book.


Trinity House

Trinity House, in the big picture, was spared any substantial structural damage.  Cracked walls have been repaired.  Lekol Sen Trinite classes resumed within months, albeit, outside in tents erected by the students' parents.



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