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Broken Wings Missions Inc. is a registered Canadian non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide relief from the hardships experienced by impoverished children in Haiti through the provision of housing, food, education and health care.


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Just before five oíclock on the day of Haitiís devastating earthquake, Bill went up the seven flights of stairs to ring the bell to summon the children for prayers in the chapel.  "Donít ring the bell!" resonated within him - and he heeded the call.  Had it sounded, everyone would have been in

the chapel and would have perished when the earthquake struck. Instead, all

survived and Bill, tossed to the rippling ground below, was the only serious injury.

Author:  Bill Nathan   (as told to Peter Eyvindson)

Shine Notecards - 12 blank notecards

A special collection of six of the book's beautiful watercolor illustrations which depict the story of Shine.  Two of each illustration included. 


Notecards are blank inside.  Envelopes included.

SOLD OUT    Always Room at the Inn

Author, Gwen Whiteman first traveled to Haiti in June of 2000, where she discovered a home of orphaned, abused and abandoned children whose lives had been transformed by the practice of living a prayer-centered life.

In December 2002, Gwen made a pilgrimage to Haiti. Through the eyes of the world's forgotten children, author Gwen Whiteman tells the tale of her pilgrimage, while she stayed at the inn and awaited the birth of baby Jesus.

Author: Gwen Whiteman          Illustrators: Julner Remy, Walnes Cangas, Lucson Petit-Homme

A Gathering of Angels

Every morning and evening the children from St. Joseph's Home for Boys gather together for prayer in the chapel.  The results of their life of prayer are expressed and have been collected for this book.

Two days a week, Ralph Allen comes to St. Joseph's Home for Boys to instruct the budding young artists who completed the illustrations for this book.

Edited by: Peter Eyvindson       Illustrators:  Julner Remy, Walnes Cangas, Lucson Petit-Homme

Soni's Mended Wings

Soni, a physically and mentally challenged child in Haiti spent years confined to his crib until one day some street children took over the operation of the orphanage.  These teenagers offered Soni the same hope that they received from living in St. Joseph's Home, a mission designed to rescue boys from the harsh reality of the streets of Port au Prince, Haiti.

Soni, now that he is an adult, works as a caregiver at Wings of Hope.

Author: Peter Eyvindson      Illustrator: R.L. Wiebe

Newly released in November 2011, Peter Eyvindson listens to and offers up Bill's life stories as he tells them.  From restavek child, to an accomplished musician, to becoming a co-director of St. Joseph's Home for Boys, Bill talks about his life path and the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

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Broken Wings Missions Inc. supports the St. Joseph's Family of Homes in Haiti through the development and promotion of books or products about the homes and children - and through creating annual touring opportunities throughout Canada and the United States for the Resurrection Dance Theatre of Haiit.

Donations and proceeds  

from product sales

directly support: 


St. Joseph's Home for Boys

Trinity House

Wings of Hope

Lekol Sen Trinite

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Didi and Reginald steal a hat in retaliation for a rich man's refusal to pay for his shoeshine.  The police are called.  Then a market lady comes to the boys' aid - but is it enough to rescue Didi and Reginald?

Newly released in October 2009, Peter Eyvindson, a well known Canadian children's author and founder of Broken Wings Missions Inc. writes the story of the Shoeshine Dance, a long time performance favorite of the Resurrection Dance Theatre from St. Joseph's Family in Haiti.

Author:  Peter Eyvindson         Illustrators: Walnes Cangas, Frandy Jean


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