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About Broken Wings Missions Inc.

Broken Wings Missions Inc. is a registered Canadian non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide relief from the hardships experienced by impoverished children in Haiti through the provision of housing, food, education and health care.

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Broken Wings Missions Inc. understands that donors want to ensure their donations are being distributed to where they are needed and not just being "eaten up" in administration charges, fundraising costs and "paying the bills". 

Broken Wings is very pleased to be able to say that, on average, 93% of donations are directed to St. Joseph's Family of Homes.  Overhead costs are very well-contained, with a mere 7% directed to administration costs. 

In an effort to offer transparency, the charity's financial statements have been made available for your review.

                                            Broken Wings Financial Statements 30June2012.pdf

                                            Broken Wings Financial Statements 30June2011.pdf

                                            Broken Wings Financial Statements 30June2010.pdf

Please donate with confidence.

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