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Broken Wings

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About Broken Wings Missions Inc.

Broken Wings Missions Inc. is a registered Canadian non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide relief from the hardships experienced by impoverished children in Haiti through the provision of housing, food, education and health care.

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Becoming Self-Sufficient

Promoting Innovation, Diversity and Entrepreneurship

Becoming Self-Sufficient

St. Joseph's Guest Home        Seeking to be more independent and to not have to survive on donations alone, early on Michael established the St. Joseph's Guest Home, effectively opening the home to travelers and guests for a very reasonable price, and again teaching his children about the world and caring for others.  Through the years, many, many guests have enjoyed the hospitality of the home and were warmly welcomed by Michael and the children.

Since the 2010 earthquake, St. Joseph's has had to be focused on moving forward.  For safety's sake, Michael and the children were forced to abandon the St. Joseph's Home shortly after the earthquake and move into an adjacent building that was deemed 'safe' (previously St. Joseph's Community Art Center).  The former home has now been demolished in preparation for constructing a fabulous new building.  As large machinery in Haiti is extremely limited, the work has been done with pick axes, shovels, buckets and a lot of manual labor.

Guests are still welcomed with open arms at St. Joseph's.  Facilities are limited, however the enthusiasm and love is not.

St. Joe's Java        A long-term dream recently turned reality for Trinity House upon the opening of their coffee shop & bean roasting business, St. Joe's Java.  One of the Trinity House's young men travels into the Haitian mountains annually to purchase coffee beans at fair trade prices, bringing the sacks of beans home for sorting and roasting.  The end product is used in the St. Joe's Java coffee shop and sold to visitors at St. Joseph's Home. 

Nouvo Vi Bakery        The Nouvo Vi (New Life) Bakery, located in Trinity House, is practically up and running.  The bakery equipment has arrived and is awaiting the proper electrical hookups to move future plans forward.  Tracy Pierre is busy experimenting, making bread for the school children, communion bread, and has actually begun to sell some of her tasty products. 

Jacmel has the possibility of developing into a tourist destination, so in preparation for that, Tracy has been canvassing the hotels in the area, hoping that they will start purchasing product. 

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Becoming Self-Sufficient

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